Your business is one-of-a-kind, and your products are stand-alone. Your plan with Proposify should be as unique to suit you. This is why we’ve initiated a per-seat pricing feature, letting you set a plan as unique as your company.

Per-seat pricing allows you to choose the plan that has the features you need, with the option to pick more "a la carte". From there, you can choose the number of users who will be using Proposify and your plan is ready to go.

The first step to selecting the plan that’s perfect for you is to take advantage of our two-week free trial. Our trial provides access to every service we have, so you can test out and see which services will work best.

To select a plan, click the “settings” button from the left-hand menu to access account settings:

From the account settings page, select “billing”:

If you’re a new customer, you can select from two pre-set plans, and a "contact us" button if you need something more:

If any of the pre-set plans suit your needs, click the “select plan” button to move to the next step. Looking for something more customized? Click the “get in touch” button under the Venti plan to contact one of our reps who can help you create the perfect package.

Once you’ve selected the plan (or have had one made for you), you can choose your payment schedule on the next page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Monthly payments are only available for our tall plans. If you are looking to subscribe to our Grande plan, the shortest billing period we offer is quarterly.

Once you’ve selected your billing period, click the green “purchase” button to move to the payment page:

From the payment page, enter your credit card details and billing address. When you're done, click “update credit card”:

Once you’ve updated your credit card information, you’re all set! 

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