In today’s business world, working with multiple systems to get the job done is a part of the process. You have CRM software to track your client’s journey, proposal software to build and send proposals, invoicing software to send bills and collect payments—and the list keeps growing. If you’re a Hubspot user with a Proposify plan that includes integration support, we help you cut one more tab from your browser. Work directly from either Proposify or Hubspot and your information is automatically updated on each integration.

Once your Hubspot account is linked to Proposify, your proposals can automatically update your deals within Hubspot, sync contacts info as well as proposal details, and edit and send proposals directly from Hubspot.

Set Up Your Hubspot Integration

To get started, you’ll need to link your Proposify account to your Hubspot account. You can do this by clicking the “integrations” button from the left-hand menu:

This will take you to the integrations page, which includes  a list of all products we currently integrate with. Click the Hubspot button at the top:

From the Hubspot page, click “log in to Hubspot”

NOTE: An important thing to mention here: the login you use to link the integration needs to have administrative access (or another level that allows full access to deals and contacts). This is needed so we can pull a complete contact and deal list, and make changes to those contacts and deals.

ALSO NOTE: All activity from Proposify to a proposal will be seen as performed by this user. You may want to create a separate “Proposify integration” account if you don’t want the activity showing from a particular person. 

Once you enter your login credentials, you’ll be taken to Hubspot’s access permissions page. We will need your permission to access certain portions of your Hubspot account for our integration to work (in order to sync contacts, we’ll need access to your contact list, etc). To do this, click the orange “grant access” button at the bottom of the page: 

Nervous? Not to worry! We take your privacy very seriously. User and account information is used to allow you to link to existing deals, and update a deal’s activity feed. Read/Write to contacts allows us access to sync your Proposify and Hubspot contact lists.

Once you’ve granted access, your Hubspot Integrations page will have a few more options available:

Customize Your Stage Progression

One of the key features of our Hubspot integration is that, when a proposal is linked to a deal in Hubspot, the stage of your proposal (Drafts, Sent, Won/Lost) will immediately push to your Hubspot deal to move stages at the same time. You can change exactly which stage your Proposal links to from the dropdown in the Hubspot’s Integration settings page.

Click on the dropdown under each stage to see a full list of all stages within your Hubspot account:

Select which stage to link to and click the green “save settings” button at the bottom of your page. 

Tweak Automatic Deal Creation

The “Proposals” stream will, by default, start by creating a new deal from scratch whenever you create a new proposal (you can manually stop that, which we’ll cover further down). 

There are some proposals or documents you send from Proposify that you may not want to have a new deal automatically linked to (Internal documents, contracts, NDAs, HR Forms, etc). If you have those set up in another stream, you can choose which ones automatically default to creating a new deal when a proposal is generated and which ones default to “don’t create a new deal”:

If the box is checked next to a stream, Proposify will automatically default to creating a new deal. If unchecked, we’ll leave it up to you to link/create/leave your proposal.

Disconnect Your Hubspot Integration

You can disconnect your Hubspot integration by clicking the red “Disconnect Hubspot” link at the bottom of the page: 

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