The Clients page is the overview of your prospects saved in Proposify. You’ll find all information related to your prospect and their company here, including addresses, contact information, and any client-focused custom variables you may have. If you need to add, update, remove or view your client details, this is the page to be.

You can access the Clients page from the navigation bar, found anywhere outside of the editor: 

A Quick Overview:

Search Filters:

Looking for a specific client, or group of your most frequent customers? Use the search box at the top of the page to search for specific names, email addresses, contact names and more to filter your client list.

You can also select the star icon next to a prospect to favourite them. 

Once favourited, select the star button next to the search filters to show only your favourited prospects.

Company/Client Details

The company details pane will show you the name of the company or client (if they're a one-man operation). When hovering over a specific client, three more buttons will appear:

Select the company name to expand the clients under that company. Hover over a contact, you'll be able to see the same buttons for the client contact: 

Edit Permissions (padlock): If you have a plan that includes Workspaces and Permissions, then this padlock button will allow you to choose who can view and edit this contact.

Edit Client/Contact (notepad):  This takes you to the Edit Client page, where you can add or edit details about this prospect or company.

Delete contact/client (trash bin): Deletes the client/contact from your account.

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