Closing your deal works best when you have a direct line of communication with your client. If your customer has a question about pricing, work details, or navigation, a fast answer will keep them on your proposal. Proposify has a feature that makes it painless for your client to reach you. Here’s a quick guide on how to integrate your proposals with Drift or Olark, two leading sales chat softwares.

Adding Your Chat Account

Whether you have chosen Olark or Drift as your chat widget, you will need to stat by locating your account’s Site ID. Find out how to do that for your chosen chat app below:

Finding your Site ID in Olark

Finding your Site ID in Drift

Installing the Chat Widget

Once you’ve copied your SIte ID, click on Settings from the left-hand main menu:

In the account settings menu, click Client Preview:

In client preview settings, click the “set up chat” button next to the “show chat widget” option:

In the chat settings page, select which chat app your company uses, then paste your Site ID:

Once done, click the green “Turn On” button and your integration is enabled! 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're using Olark, make sure to copy and paste everything - including the dashes. 

Activating And De-Activating Your Chat Widget

Once your account has been linked to Proposify, you’ll be redirected to the client preview settings page. There, you can activate the chat widget by clicking the checkbox next to “show chat widget”: 

Once you save your settings, all future proposals sent will include your widget: 

Looking to include the chat widget on proposals you've already created? You can enable the chat widget from your preview page as well. From the client preview page, click “show Preview Settings” found at the top right:

From that menu, ensure the “show chat widget” box is checked: 

Looking to disable the chat widget? Follow the same steps and ensure that the “show chat widget” option is un-checked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my chat widget colours to suit my brand?
Yes you can! Click here to go straight to the place you can change your chat widget’s colour:

Can I change the position of my chat widget?
We limit the amount of places you can move your chat widget, in order to avoid blocking important proposal information.

Can I have two chat widgets in the same account?
For now, we only have one chat widget per client preview setting. We do have the ability to have customized client preview settings depending on the the workspace. Click here for more information. 

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