By default, Proposify's shapes and lines come in black. However, unless you're looking for a minimalist (or printer-friendly) proposal, that may not suit what you need. Here's how to change the colour of a shape or line.

The first step is to click on the element to highlight it. Once highlighted, the right-hand menu will change to "shape/line properties":

In that menu, click on the "colour" fill box:

This will open the colour tool, where you can select a colour from the colour picker on the left: 

Or, if you're looking to be more specific, you can use the right-hand form fields to enter the specific RGB properties or the hex code:

If you'd like to save this colour for future use, you can also save this choice by clicking the "s" box next to the colour palette at the bottom left:

Once you've selected your colour, click the "ok" button and your element will match.

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