When adding sections to your proposal, content can often get cluttered in the default folder. Proposify offers a wide range of options to allow you to sort and filter your section library, so you can avoid clutter and make everything easy to find.

Section Folders

Adding folders

To add a folder to your section library, click new folder:

Once a folder has been added, it will appear at the top of the folder list and you’ll be prompted to name it. Once named, your folders will be sorted in alphabetical order. 

Expanding/Collapsing folders

By default, you’ll start in the “root” folder. You can open other folders in your content library by double-clicking the folder you need. If you’re in a folder, you can navigate to other folders by clicking the folder name in the navigation menu:

To return to the root folder, click sections from the navigation menu:

Moving Sections To Folders

You can move a section within your folder by click/dragging it to your chosen folder. If you have waterfall permissions enabled for that folder, you’ll need to confirm changing those permissions: 

Once your section is added to a folder, it will be sorted by most recently used.

Deleting Folders

To delete a folder, click the ellipsis menu next to the folder’s name, then select delete.

A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm that you want to delete this folder. If you're positive that you would like that folder gone, click the red "yes, delete" button and it will be gone for good.

Once deleted, all sections within the folder will be moved to the root folder.

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On top of folders, you can also tag sections to filter out your content and narrow down your searches.

Tagging Your Sections

You can add a tag to your section by hovering over it and clicking edit section: 

Once in the section editor, add a tag from the menu located on the right-hand side: 

Click the tag icon and enter the name of the tag. Existing tags will appear as a suggestion as you type.

 If you're creating a tag, type it in and press enter. From there, the completed tags will appear above the "click to add a tag" link.

Filtering by tag

You can filter your content by tag by clicking the filter by tag dropdown next to the search bar at the top of the section library: 

Once you click on a tag filter, only sections with that tag will appear. If you have a lot of tags in your account, you can narrow your search by typing the tag name in the search bar: 

Deleting a tag

To remove a tag from your proposal, click the "x" button that appears to the right of the tag: 

If no more sections include this tag, it will automatically be removed from your filter list.

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