Well, crud! You were cleaning up your pipeline and archived a proposal that's still in discussion. Not to worry! Here's how to restore your archived proposal before the client even notices it was gone. What’s more, it will be sent back to your pipeline with all signatures and history intact.

To restore an archived proposal, first enter the archives page from the pipeline: 


Once in the archives, click on the proposal you would like to restore. This will take you to the Snapshot page. From the snapshot, click unarchive from the top menu:

 IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have an active proposal limit, you’ll need to ensure there’s space in your pipeline for this proposal. If you have already reached your active proposal limit, you won’t be able to unarchive this proposal until you’ve got at least one free active proposal slot.

Once clicked, you’ll find this proposal back in your pipeline in the same stage as it was in before. Won proposals will have their signatures still intact and any proposal links will be re-activated.

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