It happens from time to time: a colleague cleaned up the template library and didn't realize that what they considered junk, you considered treasure. Before trying to re-invent the wheel and rewrite the whole thing, here's how to restore that template in a few clicks. 

Step 1: Locate a proposal made from the template

You can locate the proposal either from your dashboard or your archives. 

If the proposal is archived, lost, or won, you'll need to make a duplicate of it. You can make a duplicate of a won proposal by clicking the "..." button and selecting "duplicate":

Or clicking the archived proposal to enter the snapshot, and click the "duplicate" button located at the top right of the page:

Once this is done, you'll find the duplicate in your Drafts queue.

Step 2: Enter the Editor

Once you've located the proposal in the Pipeline, hover over it and click the "edit" button:

This will take you to the proposal's editor. You can also click the proposal and enter the editor from the proposal's Snapshot page: 

Step 3: Save as Template

Once you're in the editor, the final step would be to save your proposal as a template. You can do that by clicking the triangle button next to "save", then selecting "as template":

From there, a menu will appear asking you to name your template:

Once you've named the template, click the "save" button at the bottom right:

That's it! You'll find this template in your template library, ready to be used for your future proposals.

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