You've created roles, set up workspaces, and have assigned your users to each. However, sometimes you'd like items to either be visible or editable to each user, or completely locked down even to managers. This article is a guide to set granular permissions to each item in your library including templates, images, fees and clients.


To assign permissions to your templates, first go to the template library by clicking this icon from the left-hand menu:

From there, find the template you'd like to lock down and enter the editor by clicking the "Edit Template" button: 

Once inside the template editor, click the "Set Permissions" button found on the right-hand menu at the bottom: 

From there, you can choose which workspace this template is assigned to: 

Click the green Update button and you're good to go!


Proposals are a bit different. You can set view privileges for proposals from the Roles menu: 

Provided the role is set to view either only the proposals for the user's workspace, or only themselves, you can set the view/read/write privileges for a proposal by assigning the proposal to either the the person with that role, or someone in their workspace (depending on what you have it set as). You can do that from the proposal's Settings page.

To access proposal settings click inside the proposal, then click the "edit" button above the settings column:

If you're in the proposal's editor page, you can also reach the settings menu by clicking the same button at the top of the right-hand menu:

Once in the proposal settings page, you can reassign who the proposal lead is from the "Who is leading the proposal" dropdown: 

In the screenshot above, Rebecca's permissions are set to only view proposals assigned to her. If the proposal is assigned to Allan or Morty, then she will not be able to view it.


You can assign clients to workspaces by going to the Clients page, found on the left-hand menu: 

If you're looking to edit the privileges for a specific client, you can do so by hovering over the client's name and clicking the padlock button:

The same goes for each contact within the client company: 

If you'd like to batch-edit permissions, you can also do so by using the checkboxes on the left-hand side of the clients page. Once you've selected multiple clients, a padlock button will appear at the top of the page which will edit all permissions settings for selected clients:

For each of these methods, the same menu will appear:

From here, choose to whom these contacts will be assigned and click the green Update button. You're all set after that! 

Content Library Permissions

Each of the following permissions can be mainly set by clicking Content Library found on the left-hand menu:


You can edit section permissions settings in two places:

The first is from the proposal or template editor: 

The second is found directly in the content library by hovering over your chosen section and clicking the padlock button at the top right: 

Similar to clients, you can batch-edit section permissions settings by clicking on the checkbox at the top left: 

Then clicking the padlock button that appears next to the search box: 

No matter what you choose, the menu that appears will be the same, allowing you to choose which workspace to assign the section to, as well as granular permissions based on the role: 

Fees and Snippets

To change permissions for your saved fees or snippets, click on the appropriate tab from the content library: 

From there, you can change the permissions by hovering over the fee/snippet you'd like to edit and clicking the padlock button that appears on the right: 

Or you can batch-edit by clicking the checkboxes of fees and clicking on the padlock that appears at the top of the page:

From there, you can assign which teams this saved fee or snippet can be used.


You can edit permissions for images by hovering over the chosen image and clicking the padlock button:

Also similar to sections, you can batch-edit images by clicking on the checkbox at the top left corner of your chosen image: 

From there, click the padlock button that appears next to the search bar: 

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