There are many users that have multiple franchises for their business, or a single business that has a couple of side branches (a DJ who does weddings, but also white-glove corporate events for example). In these cases, having the same custom domain, email template designs and contact details may not fit what you need.

Workspaces (AKA Teams) acts as a "sub account" within your Proposify account. It allows you to create a separate entity within your account that has separate branding features. It's a great way to separate sales teams within your organization, include a separate business in the same account, or manage your franchises.

The Workspaces menu can be found under Account Settings, under Workspaces:

The Workspaces Page

Once in the page, you'll be able to edit an existing workspace by clicking on the icon next to it, or create a brand new one by clicking the green "Add Workspace" button above the workspace list:

Edit Workspace

Once you've selected an existing workspace, or clicked to add a new one, you'll be directed to the Edit Workspace page: 

Workspace Name

This is a mandatory field that helps you locate and assign items to this workspace. This is internal only, so your clients will not see it. 

Custom Logo

Perfect for branch companies or different names for different businesses, this allows you to provide a custom logo for this workspace. This logo will appear at the top of the page for every user who is logged in to their account (this won't populate the email template, though).

Custom Company Name

Company name allows you to change the name that shows up whenever the {company_name} variable is used. This includes any email templates, proposal templates and sections.

Custom Domain

This allows you to have separate branded URLs for each branch, so your proposal's domains will be linked to the associated business. Not quite sure how to set up a custom domain? Click here!

Custom Email Design

If your branch or franchise uses different branding colours, then you can apply those colours directly to your email design using this option. Not sure how that works? Click here.

Custom Currency

Is your franchise or branch in a different country? You can set a custom currency (or change the format of the same currency if your country is bilingual) using this option. 

Allow other workspaces to see this workspace's content

This option allows you to set the native view privileges for users and workspaces outside of this one. If this option is disabled, then all new content created under this workspace will be hidden from other users. IMPORTANT NOTE: This will not override any Permissions settings currently in place, or if the permissions are changed manually.

Assigning Users to Workspaces

At the bottom of the page, just above the save button, you'll find the tool that will assign users to your account. 

You can open each team and assign users by pressing the green arrow button next to their name. You can click the red x button to move them back to their previous workspace as well. 

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