When starting off with Proposify, our default email design is in plain old black and white, with a splash of colour for the buttons and links.

Understandably, you may want to add a bit more flair to your emails. We allow you to change almost every aspect of the email's colour scheme and design elements from the "Customize Design" page. You can reach that page from the proposal's Send screen: 

Or by going to Account Settings, then Email Templates:

Then clicking "Customize Design":

In either case, you'll be taken to the email design page. It's split into two sides, the preview side and the options: 

Whatever you change in the preview side will automatically be applied to your preview. Here's what you can change:


This allows you to change the colours of the background and foreground of your proposal. 

This allows you to upload and edit the logo at the top of your email (such as the lovely Proposify logo in the image above). You can also edit the size of your logo if you need it.


The text options allows you to change the font format, text colour, size, line height and alignment of the text in your email. Aside from Font Format, these can all be edited individually for your email templates. 

The Links option allows you to change the colour of hyperlinks in your proposal. If you would prefer something other than navy blue, you can choose from the fill box.


Buttons allows you to change the colour of both the button and the text at the front of the button. 

Email Signature

Aside from the tools in the Options panel, you also have an additional option directly within the preview panel:

Click on this and it will generate an email signature at the bottom of your page, filled with your profile photo and any contact details found in your Profile page: 

Once you've set all of the options, your proposals will go from black and white to the stylish flair that your brand demands:

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Looking for more information on the proposal Send page? Click here

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