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The Send Page

Once your document is ready to be sent off to your client, you’ll be directed to the document's Send page.

This page is broken down into two views: Preview and Settings.

Email Preview

The preview side is where you can see the effects of your settings on your document. This includes your email design settings, the body of your selected text, and a couple of other options. All of these changes are live, so you can see exactly what your document email will look like the moment you make a change to an option.

Mobile View
To set your Preview page to mobile, click the toggle.

This will provide you with a tailored view of how your document email will appear on a mobile device:

Send emails in plain-text

If you would rather send a simple email without all of the bells and whistles, you can do so by setting the "Send all emails as plain text" toggle to "on":

Once this is set, all emails (including follow-up and thank you emails) will be sent in plain-text format:

Email Settings

Changes to the preview are made under Email Settings.

General Tab

The General tab in Email Settings is where you set the main options for your document email, including who the email is coming from, who the email is going to, and what it says.

Share this document

If your plan includes unassigned signees, click share this document to create and copy a link to this document for your unassigned prospects.

FROM: who the email is coming from

You can select the email's sender by clicking the dropdown menu at the top of the General tab:

This will not affect the document lead. However, it will affect where replies are sent. If you would rather someone aside from the document lead answer general questions or handle replies, then this option is what you're looking for.

TO: where the email is going
Just under the "From" section is where you can select who the emails go to.

Any clients or users with a signature box in the document will receive an email by default. Each of those will have a pen next to their name (in the red squares). Everyone else can be added by clicking the checkbox next to each name (in the blue circles).

To add an additional contact to your client's organization, click Add Contact

Add the client’s information and click save.

To CC someone within your own organization, you can do so by checking the box next to “CC other email addresses (separated by a comma)”:

Enter the email addresses, separated by a comma.

SELECT SEND TEMPLATE: What the email says

Scroll down a bit further and you'll find where you can edit the document's subject and body fields. If you would rather stick to an email template, you can do so by selecting from the Template dropdown menu:

This will update the message subject and body to match the template.

Looking to create an email template? Click here to learn more about email templates.

You can make any changes under Message Body.

Edit the text and basic design of your emails, including font styles (bold, italic, underline), font colours, alignment, create lists, insert variables, and clear all formatting.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It's important that you have the correct document link in the body of your email.

Add proposal link

To create a new embedded proposal link, highlight your text and click insert link.

Use the variable {proposal_link} and click update. When you use this variable, it’ll automatically populate the correct link, no matter what document you are working on at the time.

Without this, the document may go somewhere else, so make sure that this link is included in your email.

Thank you email

Choose a template
Once your client has signed the document, you can send your client a pre-made "thank you" email from a template.

If you would like to make a new "thank you" email template, you can find out how by clicking HERE.

Disable the thank you email

To disable the thank you email, click the toggle that says send my client a thank you email.

Reminder email

Reminder emails are scheduled emails that are sent if a client hasn't opened the email, or clicked on the document link, within a set period of time.

Activating reminders
To activate the reminder emails (or disable them), click the toggle on for Send my client a reminder in [x] days

Scheduling reminders
You can set the exact amount of time to send a reminder email by changing the number in the fill box next to the same toggle:

This allows you to set the amount of time before we send a message to your client to remind them there is a document pending.

Choose a template
Similar to "thank you" emails, you can customize and choose which templates to use in your reminder emails. You can do so by clicking the dropdown below the toggle:

You can find out how to add more reminder email templates to your account by clicking here.

Send your document

Once everything is set how you’d like, send the email off to your client. To do this, click send to client.

To send a test email to yourself first, click send me a test email.

This will send you a copy of the email with a working preview link for your document.

Send document how you’d like

Under the General tab, you’ll see links next to each person in the prospect company and your own company or workspace.

Click the link to generate a unique document link for your prospect.

A pop-up will appear. Click copy and you can send this link to your prospect however you’d like - messaging, social media platform, etc.

IMPORTANT: These links are private and directly linked to the signatory’s email address. Make sure you send the correct signature link to the right people. Our system relies on this link to verify their identity and won’t be able to tell the difference.

Looking to know how to send an email from your own email address? Click here to read more about setting this up!

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