If you need to crop an image, or adjust its filters, you can now do so right in Proposify. 

The first step is selecting the image and clicking the edit image button.

Image filters

With the edit panel open, you can adjust the image's brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and blur. If you don't want to manually set these filters, you can click on the preset filters checkbox and select from nine of our Instagram-styled filters.

If you have made changes and would like to start over, click the reset link in the filters section to revert.

Cropping images

You can also crop the image right on the page. The first step is to select the image and click on the edit image button, then click on the crop tool.

With cropping enabled, you can size the crop and move it around. If you want to cancel, click the X button. If you want to commit the crop, click on the checkmark button.

Beside the crop button, you can also rotate the image, or flip it without having to resize it. If you have made changes and would like to start over, click the reset link in to the crop/transform section to revert.

Image library

You can also edit images right in your image library. All you have to do is hover over the image and click on preview/edit, which opens the image up in a full screen view. Next, click on the edit image button and adjust the filters, select a preset filter, crop, flip, and rotate until you're satisfied.

If you want to use the newly edited image via social media or another sales channel, you can now hover over the thumbnail and click download to device for use anywhere else. Viola!

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