When you're creating a new section from scratch, you have the option to choose one of two different kinds of sections:

Page flow sections are treated similar to Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Pages. It creates a uniform text box on every page in the section. Whenever your text or inline content runs over the borders of that text box, a new page is automatically created.

This makes page flow sections great for very content-heavy sections, such as terms and conditions, contracts, scope of services, case studies, or any other section with a lot of words.

Adding a page to your page flow section

Pages are added automatically whenever your text runs past the text box's margins. If you need a new page immediately, you can hit Enter or Return on your keyboard and make as many line breaks as needed in order to create a new page. 

Changing Page Flow Text Box Margins

You can edit the margin sizes of your page flow text boxes by going to page settings, found in the right-hand menu: 

Once in the page settings menu, you can set the margins based on pixel size: 

Can I change a section to Static? 

Once a section has been selected as page flow or static, it's set permanently. If you would like to use a static section instead, you can create a new static section and copy/paste the content from your page flow section to a text box in the new, static section.

Looking for more information on Static sections? Click here.

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