As your proposal makes its way down the pipeline, from just a twinkle in your salesperson' eye to a fully signed contract, it goes through several stages. 

There are two different kinds of statuses for your proposal: Active and Inactive statuses.

Active Proposals

Active proposals are proposals that are still in negotiation. They count towards your active proposal limit, which varies depending on the plan you're on. 


A proposal in the Drafts queue is one that has been created, but hasn't been sent to your client yet. These are the freshly created, brand-spanking-new proposals that are just waiting to be sent out.


Once a proposal has been sent to your client through the send page, it automatically moves from Drafts to Sent. If your proposal is here, then it means that the proposal has been sent to your client, but the client hasn't seen it yet.

If you're tired of seeing a proposal in the Sent queue, you can send a reminder to your client directly from the proposal's Snapshot page: 

This will generate a reminder email from your email templates, giving your client a gentle nudge to your proposal.


Once your client has clicked on the proposal link, the proposal will automatically be moved from Sent to Viewed. At this point, you should be able to look at view metrics for your client

This allows you to see what your client is looking at and how long they've spent in each section. You can find out more about view metrics by clicking here.


If your proposal is in Unsigned, then it means that a client has signed the proposal and we're waiting on the remaining signatures before moving this on to Won. At this point, your proposal is locked down in order to prevent edits to the terms that were signed off. If you need to make edits, you can do so by clicking the "make edits" button at the top right of the snapshot page: 

Inactive Proposals

Inactive proposals are proposals that have been considered "Done", either with your client accepting or declining your proposal. These don't count towards your active proposal limit.

Won and Lost proposals are treated the exact same way: all edits are locked down and you won't be able to make changes without restoring it to active status. You can do so by following the same instructions above to restore the proposal.

If your proposal is Won and you restore it to drafts, then all signatures will be removed from the proposal; so be careful when restoring. You may want to, instead, duplicate the won proposal and archive it for your records. You can duplicate a proposal using the button at the top right of the snapshot page: 

Would you like to avoid the automated aspect and just manually change the status of your proposal? Click here to find out how.

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