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If you are unsure which Pricing table version you are using—it's almost certain you are using the current, updated system. If you want to be extra-sure, compare your Pricing tables with those described in our Anatomy of a Pricing Table article.

You've outlined and set up your fees. Now you need to add some discounts to outline the savings to your client. Follow the instructions below to add a discount to your proposal.

Table Discounts

To add a discount to the total footer of your table, click inside of the table until you see a blinking cursor. Any row, header or footer cell is fine. From there, click the "Add Discount" button found in the right-hand menu:

This will add a discount row to the footer of your table. Add the name of the discount, then the discount percentage, and click "update":

The discount row will automatically calculate the correct percentage and subtract that price from your subtotal.

Removing A Discount From Your Total

To remove a discount, click on it once it has been completed. A trash can will appear to the right of the row:

Click on that trash can and the row will be deleted.

Line Item Discounts

Adding a discount to a line item

If you would like to add a discount to a specific item in your fee table, you can do so by clicking inside of the line item until you see a blinking cursor. From there, click the “add discount” button under the “Row Discount” heading:

Important Note: Make sure to click the button under “Row Discount” and not “Table Discount”.

From there a menu will appear in that same right-hand menu allowing you to name the discount, add an amount and set if you would prefer a dollar value discount or a percentage:

This will populate that row with the original amount crossed out, followed by the new line item price and the name of the discount:


Removing a line item discount

You can view line item discounts from the right-hand menu when double clicking inside of a line item with the discount. You can disable that discount by removing the check mark in the checkbox next to the discount’s title:


This will remove that line item discount from that line item, but still keep it available just in case. If you would prefer to remove it entirely, you can do so by clicking the trash bin icon to the right of the discount’s title:

Adding a Dollar Value Discount

Dollar value discounts, at this time, can not be added to to the total footer. Instead, you can add a regular line item discount with a negative value:

The negative value will be subtracted from the subtotal. 

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