Sometimes you would like to add an image to your document that is related to some text, and you'd prefer not to have to re-arrange your content every time new text is added. Sometimes, you'd just like to break up some very text-heavy copy by throwing in some images. Similar to inline tables, we've made it a snap to add your images to your proposal. 

How to add an inline image

To add an image to your text box, click inside of the text box until you see a blinking cursor: 

This is a very important step. If this is missed, then the image will be added on top of the text box, rather than inside it. 

Once your blinking cursor is inside the text box, click on the images tool from the right-hand toolbar: 

From there, select your image and click "insert":

If this says "drag to place", then there is no blinking cursor in your text box. Close the image library and click inside the text box.

Once clicked, your image will be added inside of the text box and will be treated like any other paragraph inside it; moving up, down or to new pages when content is added or deleted above the image.

Wrapping Text Around Images

Once your image is added to the text box, you can wrap text around it by using the alignment toggle on the right-hand menu:

Once this toggle is set to "on", any text under the image will wrap to the left or right of the image, depending on your selection: 

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