There are times where you'd like to include your table inside of a text box and save yourself from having to re-position them whenever you need to add a paragraph. There may also be times where you have a large list of fees, and you'd rather focus on getting the information on the page over getting them all to add up together. This is where inline tables come in handy.

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How Inline Tables Work

Inline tables function just like stand-alone tables, but are placed directly inside of a text box, rather than added over top. This creates a a table treated like any other piece of text in the box, moving downward/upward as you add/remove text and other elements. 

If this text box is embedded into a page flow section, then your fee table will automatically add new rows to another page once your table hits the end of the page: 

HEADS UP: If your fee descriptions are over a page long, adding an inline table to a page flow box will not help. We can only break out individual fees to a new page, so the text would continue to be pushed below the margins. Break up your descriptions in a separate page, or add the description as a content row, giving you more space for your copy to work.

Add An Inline Table

To add a table to your text box, click inside of it until you see a blinking cursor: 

This is the most important step. If there is no blinking cursor, then the table will be added over-top of the text box.

Once you see that blinking cursor, select table from the right-hand toolbar: 

Then choose the kind of table you would like to add. Finally, click the green "insert table" button:

This will add that table as a body of text inside of the text box. 

Add A Line Above An Inline Table

If you've created an inline table at the top of a text box, you can create a new line above it. First, ensure the table is not selected. You can tell if it is selected if you see a blinking cursor in a cell in that table.

Next, select the text-box by clicking on it. You can tell if this works if the right-hand menu shows textbox properties:

Next, hover just above the header column, in the middle of the table. A line break icon will appear at the top of the text box: 

Select that icon and a new line will appear just above this table.

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