There are times where you'd like to include your table inside of a text box and save yourself from having to reposition tables in your proposal. There may also be times where you have a large list of fees, and you'd rather just focus on getting the information on the page. We've made it easy for you to do either (or both) of these with a couple of clicks.

Embedded (or Inline) tables function just like regular fee tables but are placed directly inside of a text box, rather than added overtop. This allows you to have a table treated like any other piece of text in the box, moving downward/upward as you add/remove text and other elements.

To add a table to your text box, click inside of it until you see a blinking cursor: 

This is the most important step. If there is no blinking cursor, then the table will be added over-top of the text box and won't flow.

Once the blinking cursor is in there, click the table button from the right-hand toolbar: 

Then choose the kind of table you would like to add and click the green "insert table" button:

This will add that table as a body of text inside of the text box. If this text box is embedded into a page flow section, then your fee table will automatically add new rows to another page once your table hits the end of the page: 

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