There are times when you want to create a way to organize your content in a way that is easy to parse; but without the need for fee calculations, bells, or whistles. You may be making a chart to outline the different features or services for each of your plans, a table to outline the benefits your company has over your competition, or just want to place copy in two columns to save on space. The Content Table is a great tool to do just that!

What are Content Tables:

Our Content tables are the dumb little brother to our Fee Tables. While they share some features, and are both available using the same "Table" tool, our content tables aren't able to make calculations of any sort. Rather, it's a simple and heavily customizable way for you to separate complicated ideas into an easily parsable set of rows and columns:

How To Make and Edit Your Tables:

Creating a Table

To add a content table to your proposal, click the "Tables" tool from the right-hand toolbar: 

Once clicked, the right-hand menu should change and ask if you would like to create a Content Table or a Fee Table. Choose "Content":

Then select how many rows and columns you would like to add and click the green "+Insert Table" button:

If you were inside of a text box, then that table will automatically stretch to the margins of that text box. If you were not inside of a text box, the table will appear at the top of the page you are currently on, allowing you to move and resize the table to what you need. 

Adding/Deleting/Moving Rows:

Once the table is created, you can add or delete rows and columns using the buttons that appear to the top and right of the page: 

You can move rows by click/dragging the slider on the left: 

Resizing Columns: 

To resize a column, click and drag the edge of a column:

Merging Cells:

You can merge cells by clicking and dragging across multiple cells in a table. When multiple cells are selected, a modal will appear below them:

Click on the Square button on the far right of that modal and select "Merge cells":

This will merge all selected cells into one large cell. 

Edit Table Style:

Your tables will automatically adopt the style set in Table Styles settings found in the right-hand menu. If you'd like to change this style for these tables, you can do so by clicking into the table you'd like to change and select "Style Table" from the right-hand menu: 

Once clicked, you can change the settings for headers, body and footers and these changes will only be reflected on this table. 

If you'd like the change all of your tables, you can click the "Apply to All" toggle just above the green "Save Table Styles" button. 

Other Great Content Table Uses:

They're a great way to show comparisons and keep text and images aligned:

It's also a great way to add paragraph indentations to your text:

And add two columns along a single page: 

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