HEADS UP: This feature is available on our Team plans and above. Click here to take a look at our pricing page if you'd like to add this to your account.

This feature helps you add new form fields to Proposify in Proposal Settings, Client Company, and Contact pages. These will then automatically populate in your sales document using custom variables.

Get to your custom fields settings from the account settings page. 

Add a custom field

Select a section in which a new custom field will be added.

User Fields cover anything having to do with you and your company

Client Company Fields refer to your client and their business

Client Contact Fields goes beyond the company address

Proposal Fields will hold info about your proposals

Click Add Custom Field button to add.

Click “Show all default field” to view the default fields

a) Fill out the name and value for a new custom field and save.

b) Click the edit button to customize the shortcode used to signify the custom field.

If a field is deleted from the account settings, then it will be removed all proposals

In Proposal Editor

You can edit and manage all your variables (Your Company, Your Client, Your Proposal and your custom fields) when you are writing a proposal from the Variables pane in the editor. 

Insert a variable through the variables pane

You can add a variable to your proposal by using the "+" symbol beside the variable you want to insert 

Insert a variable through shortcut #

Insert a variable through shortcut # by double clicking inside the textbox and use the # key on your keyboard to bring up the variables menu. 

Click on the variable in textbox and a popover will be triggered. Click on the edit icon and a variables list will show up that you can use to swap out to a different variable. You can also use the eyedropper icon to change the background color of the variable for visibility. 

Some notes:

Any custom fields that you have set up in proposals will be removed and, where applicable, replaced with their current value. 

Save time by setting up custom fields for your proposals, contacts, and user settings. No more manually entering all the details - just set up your fields and this feature populates the information for you. 

If a field is deleted from the account settings, then it will be removed from all proposals.

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