This video walks through picking a template, creating and sending your first proposal, but there's more you can do with Proposify.

To get the most out of Proposify you'll want to set it up in a way that automates your proposal process. Read up on the following steps:

  1. Templates. You can either create your own template from scratch or import and customize one from our template gallery. After importing, you can change all of the text, images, and design elements to match your own brand. Add as many templates as your service offering needs.

  2. Variables. Variables help you automatically fill in critical information, such as client details, due dates, and proposal details, without relying on "find and replace". Add variables to your template so that this information will automatically appear in your sales document as it's made.

  3. Content Library. Create and organize sections in your library (eg: team bios, case studies, etc.). You can mix and match sections after you create a proposal from a template by dragging the section from your library.

  4. Fees. If you have a lot of fees or products, add those to your library so you can easily import them into pricing tables in your proposals.

  5. Pipeline Management. Create streams in your pipeline, so that different types of documents don't get mixed in with each other. For example, if you send proposals and also statement of work documents (SOWs), you'd have a stream for each.

  6. Collaboration. Invite your team members so you can start collaborating on proposals. You can lock down what they can see and do using permissions. (Not available on all plans)

  7. White-labelling. Customize your account by using your own branded URL and email addresses, email templates, customize your preview, language, currency and formatting settings.

  8. Integrations. Connect your CRM, invoicing software and Stripe so you can accept payments after a proposal is signed. See all of our integrations.

If you have any questions as you work on setting up your Proposify account for success please be sure to reach out and one of our happiness specialists will assist you.

If you're interested in one of our Venti plans be sure to use the chat button and ask sales for a demo.

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