There are some deals where oversight may be in order.If you are a subscribed to our Venti plan, you will have access to our Roles and Permissions tool. This tool allows you to assign a role to your sales team which can require approval from another role before a proposal can be sent out. 

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Setting Approval Permission

To apply permission settings on a role, select Settings from the navigation bar. From Account settings, select Roles:

From there, select a role:

This will take you to Roles Settings. Scroll down and expand Send Permissions. Then enable the checkbox next to require approval before sending proposals. From there, select what role can approve: 

Once set, select save role to save this change.

Any proposal that has been assigned to a user under this role will now require permission from an approving role in order to reach the Send page. Their send button in the Proposal Editor will change to request approval:

They can select request approval to choose a member of that approving role to notify. 

The authorizer will receive an email requesting approval for this proposal:

Selecting the link will take the authorizer to the verification page. Here, they can verify the content of the proposal and leave comments. When the decision has been made, the authorizer will have the option to approve or reject the draft: 

If Rejected:

If rejected, your colleague will receive an email stating that the proposal was rejected. The email will direct them to the proposal's Snapshot page, where they can look at the activity feed for comments left.

If Approved:

If approved, your colleague will also receive an email notification. When approved, the locked role will no longer be able to reach the editor, but will have a send button enabled again. 

Making Edits To Approved Proposals

Users can select the notepad button at the top right of the Snapshot page to make edits. Once that button is selected, however, the user will need to go through the approval process once again before sending. 

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