If your organization needs oversight, or you would like to personally verify a proposal before it's sent out, we have a tool available for you.

If you are a part of our grande or venti plan, you will have access to our Teams, Roles and Permissions tool, allowing you to set Roles for your colleagues and update permissions based on that Role.

To update that function to require permission before a certain role can send out a proposal, first click on Settings, then Roles:

From there, select the role to which you would like to limit send privileges:

Once you're in the editor for that role, scroll down and expand the Send Permissions dropdown and check the box next to "Require approval before sending proposals". From there, simply select what role can give that permission: 

Once you click "Save Role", then you're all set! Any proposal that has been assigned to a user under this role will now require permission from an Admin in order to have that sent out. Their "Send" button in the editor will change to "Request Approval":

Clicking on that will allow your colleague to select who to get approval from:

The chosen authorizer will receive an email requesting approval:

Clicking the link will allow the authorizer to take a look at the proposal, verify the settings, information in the editor and leave comments as usual. When the decision has been made, the authorizer will have the option to approve or reject the draft: 

If rejected, your colleague will receive an email notification that the proposal was rejected. The email will direct them to the proposal's Snapshot page, where they can look at the activity feed for comments left.

If approved, your colleague will also receive an email notification. This time, the snapshot page will not allow them to go to the editor and make changes; but will direct them to the Send page, where they can finish sending the proposal to your client:

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