Looking for Freshbooks 2?

If you have a Freshbooks account, you can connect it with your Proposify account to create invoices after your proposals has been won.

To get started, go to your integration settings, and Select Freshbooks Classic from the list.

You'll need the subdomain for your account. In a new tab, go to your Freshbooks account Company Settings, copy the subdomain from the Account URL and paste it into the input box in Proposify (eg: mycompany).

In this case the subdomain is: "delightfuldesignsllc"

Select "Log in to Freshbooks" and you'll be taken to their Authorization screen. Allow Access to link your Freshbooks account to Proposify. 

That's all you need and the accounts are connected!

Once the accounts are connected, you can import your contacts.

Creating an Invoice:

After a proposal has been marked as Won, you can create an invoice in Freshbooks by selecting the Freshbooks button at the top of the Proposal Snapshot page

You can then select a percentage of the proposal to invoice and click Generate Invoice. This will automatically create an invoice in Freshbooks. 

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