Looking to insert a video into your proposal? Click here for the details.

The best part about having your sales documents delivered online instead of print is that your pictures can move! Not only do we offer gif support, but you can also include videos in your document.

Supported Video Services

We support four video streaming platforms:

  • Youtube

  • Wistia

  • Vimeo

  • Vidyard

We don’t currently support uploading an MP4 or other video file directly to your document.

Adding A Video

You can add a video from any Editor page. To start, select the Video tool from the right-hand toolbar:

Next, click or drag your cursor over the page where you would like to see the video:

Once your video box is placed, insert your video share link in Share Link from the menu pane:

If you're a Vidyard user, you can also select the video directly from your Vidyard library. You can also use this menu to resize, rotate, or add a border to your video.

If you’d rather avoid the black box in your document. Select Upload Thumbnail. This will open your image library. Select an image (or import one) to customize your video thumbnail.

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