LOOKING TO START YOUR ZOHO INTEGRATION AND RUNNING INTO ISSUES? Sorry about that! Zoho has released an early update to their API that we weren't expecting for a few more months. We're working on getting the integration updated on our end. In the meantime, authtokens will need to be manually generated by zoho's support. Reach out to our support team and we can help out with that. If you'd prefer to do it yourself, you can reach out to the Zoho support team directly to have a new token made. In the meantime, you should be able to link Proposify and Zoho via Zapier.

To integrate with Zoho, go to your Integration Settings and select Zoho CRM

To connect the integration, you'll need your API key from your Zoho account

Log in to your Zoho account and Proposify and go to the integration https://app.proposify.com/integration/zoho

Click the link that says: "Click here while logged in to Zoho CRM to generate a new Browser Mode token for Proposify"

Than copy the token it gives you and put it in the space provided 

Once connected, you can set up the proposal journey as it moves through the sales process.

When you create proposals, you can decide to create a new deal in Zoho or not. 

If you have existing deals in Zoho, you can link the proposal to them as well.

After the proposal has been created, you can follow the progress right in Zoho, and access the proposal in Proposify with just one click.

Once the proposal has been Won in Proposify, you can see the proposal value and download the PDF in Zoho.

Zoho & Streams

If you have Streams, you can choose which Streams will automatically create a new deal or opportunity when a new document is added to that Stream. 

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