If you're just starting out in Proposify, odds are you already have a beautiful document already made from another system. Why bother starting from scratch when you have perfectly good content right there? It's just a matter of copy/paste until everything's put together. 

We do support copy/paste, but there are some things you may want to be aware of, first.

IMPORTANT: Clear formatting first

You can paste text from other websites and documents into Proposify. However, formatting code from other documents (aka MarkUp) can sometimes cause issues with Proposify. 

Clearing formatting first helps get rid of those issues. Here's how to do that: 

  • Copy the text from Word, website, document, etc

  • Open up TextEdit (Mac) or Notepad (Windows)

  • Paste the text into your plain text editor

  • The highlight and copy again

  • Paste into a Proposify text box.

This will ensure all the markup gets stripped out so it doesn't break Proposify.

We regularly make updates and changes to our editor to improve how copy/paste works, so if your document breaks (page flow doesn't work, or text becomes difficult to format), try the plain text approach and email support your document so we can fix that particular issue in a future release.

Pasting more than a page of content at a time can cause problems.

When a new page-flow page is created, we add a new text box and apply the pasted text to it. However, some text can get lost between the margins. Worse yet, if you paste a whole bunch of pages at once, the pages can come out jumbled. What was supposed to save you time just made hours of parsing through and re-organizing everything.

When pasting a large doc (ex, terms and conditions), try to paste a page at a time to give Page Flow a chance to sort the content correctly.

Save some time by importing a PDF

If you've got whole sections already saved to a PDF and you don't need to edit too much text, you can use our PDF Import tool to add that to your account. This is great for contracts that don't require variables, or pages that don't need to be edited too often.

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