After you create a new proposal, or when you click on the proposal settings tab while in an existing proposal, you'll land on the proposal settings page. Here you can update meta-information associated with your proposal.

The first section has your basic, required settings.

Required Fields

There are only three pieces of information every proposal needs to have.

1. Proposal Name

What is the name of the project you’re trying to win? This proposal name will appear anywhere in the proposal where the {proposal_name} variable is used.

2. Client

Who are you pitching to? The drop down contains a list of all your existing clients. You can add, edit and remove all of these clients by going to the client page.

If you need to add a new client, you can do it directly within the drop down by selecting add new. Then enter the details like company name, first name, last name and email address of your contact.

The company name can now be used throughout your proposal by using the {company_name} variable. This takes the old job of "find and replace" automatic.

3. Due Date

To manage your proposal schedule, it’s important to provide a timeline for when this proposal pricing is valid. Click on a date in the calendar.

The due date is now available to use throughout your proposal by using the {due_date} variable.

That’s all you need to get started. If you’d like to manage additional settings, select the show all options toggle.

All Options

There's other optional meta information you can add to your proposal.


You can choose to which stream this proposal will be placed. It will stay in your proposals stream by default. 

Tag your proposal

You can tag or categorize your proposal so it can more easily be found later on.

Proposal Number

If you need to keep track of your proposals with a number, enter it here. Otherwise it will auto-increment a unique number by itself.

Lead By

You can assign a user to the proposal to indicate that they are leading the proposal and are responsible for it. This will decide who gets the email notifications as well.

File Attachments

There are times you need to upload supporting documents with a proposal. You can upload internal files that only your team members can see, such as the request for proposal (RFP). You can also upload files the client your pitching will see, such as a gantt chart.

Once a file is uploaded you can choose whether or not it's visible to clients. If turned ON clients will be able to view/download the file when they're viewing your proposal.

How to edit proposal settings after it's created

If you want to go back and edit the proposal settings after it's created, you can get to it a number of ways:

From the proposal snapshot

Or from inside the editor:

When you change proposal settings from within the editor it will open a form so you can make changes without leaving the page.

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