HEADS UP: PDF downloads are available on our Teams and Business plans. If you're on our Free plan, a PDF copy of your sales document will be emailed to you once it has been signed.

To print a document, you’ll first download it as a PDF from either the Snapshot or the Client Preview.

Once a PDF is downloaded you can open it up in Acrobat and print from there.

Download From the Pipeline

You can download a document straight from the Pipeline page. To do this, hover over the document and select the three-dot menu and click Download PDF.

Download From Snapshot View

When you click on a document in the Pipeline, it takes you the Snapshot page. From here, click Download PDF.

Download from Client Preview

From the client preview you can click the three-dot button in the bottom right and select Download PDF:

To read more about modifying your Client Preview settings, click here.

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