Here you can create email templates to:

  • Send to your client with your proposal

  • Send a reminder to your client, if they have yet to view your proposal

  • Send a Thank You email to your client after they viewed your proposal

You can create and save your own email templates. To do this go to Settings > Email Templates.

You will be brought to the Email Templates page:

A default template is currently in place. To customize a template, click on one of the template names or select "New Template". In the text box on the left, you can customize the subject line, message and design of your email. You can even check what it'll look like on a mobile device. 

Something you'll want to be aware of is that by default, the “Click here to view proposal” button uses a variable called {proposal_link}, which is the correct item to have in this button. That variable will link your client to the correct proposal for them to view and sign. 

You may need to update the link when sending your current proposal. To do this, go the proposal Send page and find the "Click Here to View Proposal" button. Single click on the the text, and choose "Edit"

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