Setting A Default Template

Sometimes starting with a blank slate can be useful when you want to get some fresh ideas out the door. Other times, starting straight from the drawing board can get overwhelming. Now you need to worry not just about content, but also branding and consistency.

Proposify has a default template feature which can help you out. When you set a template as default, we move the style and format settings from that template to your new project. It's a great way to keep consistent while still pumping out new content.

To set a default template, head to your template gallery. You can reach that page from the left-hand menu:

Once you're in the template gallery, hover your cursor over your favourite template. A grey bookmark will appear.

Click that bookmark icon and it will turn green.

Once that green bookmark appears, your new default template is set.

What Default Templates Affect

We use the default template's style and formatting options in the section library. We'll also move this formatting any time you click "start from scratch" in the template gallery. These formatting options include:

  • Font styles and formatting.
  • Table styles and formatting.
  • Page size.
  • Page orientation.

Section library and default templates

Let's say you have sections saved to your content library from an A4 template. When setting a default template with a different page setup (such as letter-sized), those sections will look off. Not to worry! This is because your default template is set differently. When you adopt those sections into an A4 template/proposal, they'll look just fine.

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