Repeaters is one of the most useful and versatile tools in the Proposify toolbox. It allows you to take one element (either a shape, line, text box, or image) and have it repeat on every page. It's the perfect "set it and forget it" design tool to allow you to focus on the proposal itself, rather than making it look good.

Adding Repeaters

You can add a repeater to any proposal or template from the editor (sections will adopt any repeaters when they're added to the proposal or template). To add a repeater from the editor, click on the "Repeaters" button from the right-hand menu:

This will pull up the repeaters menu. It looks like a blank menu, but it's really a canvas for you to add whatever items you would like. 

Once this menu is opened, add all of the shapes, lines, text boxes and images you would like to have repeated on every page. Once your repeater is added to the page in the editor, it will be applied to every page in the template or proposal.

Repeaters are great for...

  • page numbers, company contact details, and other text elements that look good on every page (create a text box and use the appropriate variable)
  • Uniform proposal design features
  • Dividers 
  • Your logo

Unlinking a repeater

There are some pages you might not want your repeater appear on, such as if you have a full-page image that is getting cut off by a design element. You can disable a repeater for an individual page by selecting it. A padlock button will appear on the element: 

Click on the padlock and a pop-up menu will appear, providing you with options for what you would like to do with the repeating element: 

Click the "unlock" button and this item will no longer be linked to the other repeaters. You can then delete the item by hitting backspace/delete on your keyboard.

Removing a repeater: 

If you would like to remove a repeater, you can follow the steps above and click "edit repeaters", or click on the "Repeaters" button from the right-hand menu. Once you're in the repeaters menu, locate the element you would like to remove. Click on it, then press backspace/delete to remove it.

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