You've outlined and set up your fees. Now you need to add some discounts to outline the savings to your client. Follow the instructions below to add a discount to your proposal.

Adding A Discount

To add a discount to your table, click inside of the table until you see a blinking cursor. Any row, header or footer cell is fine. From there, click the "Add Discount" button found in the right-hand menu: 

This will add a discount row to the footer of your table. Add the name of the discount, then the discount percentage, and click "update": 

The discount row will automatically calculate the correct percentage and subtract that price from your subtotal. 

Removing A Discount

To remove a discount, click on it once it has been completed. A trash can will appear to the right of the row:

Click on that trash can and the row will be deleted.

Adding a Dollar Value Discount

Dollar value discounts, at this time, can not be added to to the total footer. Instead, you can add a regular line item discount with a negative value: 

The negative value will be subtracted from the subtotal. 

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