In Proposify 1, if you wanted to change options within an element (image, table, row, etc), you right-clicked on that element and selected "properties"; or clicked on a gearbox at the top corner. To ensure all relevant tools are available to you at a glance, we removed the right-click/gearbox options and instead replaced them with a right-hand menu that is always present within the editor:

When nothing in the editor is selected, this gives you an overview of your proposal, with options to change default settings (currency, design options) and add a signature right away.

Whenever you click on an element in the editor, this right-hand menu will change to provide an overview of the element itself, allowing you to view and change properties on the fly:

In Proposify 2, you can now edit the size and opacity, and change settings for your content without closing and re-opening a menu pop-up. This way you can view your changes in real time and make granular tweaks so your proposal really pops.

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