Above is a screen shot of the old editor. I've highlighted certain colour-coded features to show where they have been moved.

As you can see, we've minimized toolbars and buttons to allow for more space and grouped all of the page-related features into one easy-to-find group at the top of the page. The top toolbar is no longer there and greyed out, but will instead only appear when needed. We want to make sure you have as much space and information in one place at the same time!


In Proposify 1, a large "Edit Design" button was placed next to the Send button at the top right of the Editor page:

Proposify 2 is a little different. We wanted to give you all of the tools you need at a glance, so we've moved the tools found in this button to the right-hand menu:

This allows you to immediately work on the default style for your proposal without having it hidden away.

Inline Images

In Proposify 1, we placed a dedicated button in the top toolbar, allowing users to add an image from the library:

We've streamlined Proposify 2 by having inline images and free-form images activated using the same tool on the right-hand side:

The only difference now is that if you want an inline image in your proposal, click inside the text box until you see a blinking cursor. From there, click on the image tool and click on the image you want to add. Your image will be added on the spot. 

You can read more about inline images here.

Content Tables

Similar to the inline images tool, our Content Table tool has moved from the top toolbar:

It has moved beside its smarter cousin, the Fee Table, on the right-hand toolbar:

This means you can add content tables directly to the page without adding a text box first, and gives you a one-stop shop for all of your table needs!

Snippets and Variables

The final things moved from the top toolbar are our Snippets and Variables tools:

Both of these items have been pushed to the right-hand side when you click inside of a text box:

Now it's easier to navigate to these tools, and add multiple variables and snippets in one click of the button, rather than going in multiple times.

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