While editing the proposal you can add Sign Here buttons for you and your client to sign the proposal electronically. 

First click the “Add Signee” button in the proposal Details.

A list of the signees will appear. 

Click and drag the signees names from the right toolbar on to your proposal

Bonus tip: Signees can also be added when editing Templates. The signee's names will appear as “User Assigned” and “Default Contact” in the Template. When the Template is generated into a proposal, the client contact's name and the user assigned to the proposal will be the signees in the proposal.

Are electronic signatures legal?

There's a few ways we ensure signatures are legally binding:

  1. We use the Stripe API which allows parties to sign their own name with their mouse or finger (touch screens)
  2. We record the IP address of the signing parties and the date/time it was signed.
  3. We offer both parties electronic copies of the signed document and keep them stored on our servers
  4. We lock down the document from being modified after it has been signed. If you do edit it again the signature is removed.

This follows the guidelines outlined in the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act and European Directive (EC/1999/93)

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