We now integrate with Quickbooks so you can generate full or partial invoices in Proposify after your client signs off, and get paid faster.

Visit your account settings and click on the Quickbooks logo:

Next click the login button and give Proposify permission to connect to your Quickbooks account:

Sign in

Then select the app you want to authorize. 

Once your account is connected, you can import contacts from this screen.

When you add new clients to QuickBooks you'll want to re-import your contacts. You can use the checkbox to select them all and we'll only import contacts that aren't already in Proposify. 

When you visit a won proposal and click the Quickbooks button, you’ll now be able to generate an invoice. Enter a percentage if you want to generate a deposit:

Once your invoice is generated you can view a PDF or edit and send it directly within Quickbooks.

or edit and send it directly within Quickbooks.

Are you looking to collect payments from your clients? Check out our Stripe integration!

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