To Import your contact list from Hubspot, you can click the “import contacts” button found at the bottom of the page: 

Once clicked, a pop-up will appear pulling your contact list from Hubspot

(NOTE: Depending on the size of your contact list, this might take some time. If you have thousands of contacts in your contact list, please wait to let it load. Bug your coworkers! Grab a coffee! Find Enlightenment!)

Once complete, you can narrow down your search using the search bar at the top right:

Select which customers to import using the checkbox found on the left: 

Once done the first time, all of your contacts will automatically sync between Hubspot and Proposify. You can find your contacts in your proposify account by going to the Clients page from the left-hand menu:


My clients aren't showing up in the import list. What gives?

In order for your contact to upload, we need three things: a first name, a last name, and an email address. If any of these aren't present (or they're placed in custom domains), then they are removed from the import list. Once you have these fields in the right place, you'll

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